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Service Offerings

With thirty years of experience in the field of the evolving workplace, 

Clark Elliott Pro-Active® is a systematic approach to transform traditional workplaces into Pro-Active work environments that deliver results. Clark Elliott Pro-Active® is a structured method to effectively create value for organisations by developing comprehensive solutions and coherent work environments. 


We co-create solutions that generate positive impact on Human Capital and directly contribute to reaching goals. All stakeholders win when organizations, management and staff are better enabled to achieve their objectives. The real benefits of strategic workplace transformations are in liberating potential by offering flexible solutions and options for working solo and working together. Work environments created to provide what's truly required to support and engage Human Capital delivers results.


Definiton of project goals and leadership vision. Requirements collection. Interviews (impartial and at all levels of the organisation). Work modes observation studies. Workplace adequacy audits. Change-Readiness surveys. Headcount projections over time. Staff engagement levels. Current accommodations satisfaction ratings. Areas requiring improvement. Executive Reports. Presentations. Transformation recommendations. Space Requirements Summaries. Space Plan Zoning. Master Plan variants over time.

Strategic Planning

Translate Leadership's vision into coherent work environments for significant ROI. Integrate people, technology and processes with workplace options aligned with organisational aims and objectives. 
Develop and cultivate engaged Human Capital using flexible solutions that support, inspire and motivate Knowledge Workers. Implement flexible work modes as organizations evolve. Treat people as adults. Communicate at key milestones. Develop user understanding and buy-in. Accompany change. 



Alignment of management initiatives and organisational culture with work environments. Activity Based Workplaces with flexible solutions developed to easily accommodate change. Features that increase learning, sharing and mentoring. Engaged Human Capital producing targeted results in more collaborative ways. Supportive settings for better teamwork. Increased innovation and improved effectiveness. Features to encourage results-oriented management. Improved flexible space-use. Win-Win success and cost optimisation. 
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