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Projects and Services

Cable & Wireless (Global)

Business Expansion – Merger – Refit Brief - Master Space Plan

Geneva, Switzerland  

100 workplaces


Compaq Computer – EMEA HQ

Requirements Brief - Master Space Plan

Munich, Germany  

500 workplaces


Compaq Computer – EMEA Management Center

Program Requirements Brief - Master Space Plan - relocation from Germany

Kloten, Switzerland  

250 workplaces 


Compaq Computer – Swiss HQ 

Merger Brief – Site Refit – Master Space Plan

New Work Practices Implementation - Change Management

Zurich, Switzerland

700 persons 

Digital Equipment International, Europe

Building Disposal – Program Brief - Conversion to Multi-Tenant Site 

Geneva, Switzerland

24,000 M2 Space Re-Use


The Economist – European HQ

Program Requirements Brief - Master Space Plan - New Site Fit Out Planning

Geneva, Switzerland


EPFL – VPIV  Vice Presidence for Innovation + Valorization

New Site Fit Out - Program Brief – Master Plan 

Quartier de l’Innovation - Lausanne, Switzerland

900 M2


Hewlett-Packard France – Country HQ

M+A Brief - New Site Fit Out - Master Space Plan - New Work Practices

Issy-les-Moulineaux, Paris  

14,000 M2  / 1100 persons / Legacy Site Closures (8) 


Hewlett-Packard France

M+A Brief - Site Refit - New Work Practices Implementation

Les Ulis, France   

14,000 M2  / 1000 persons  /  Legacy Site Closures (5)


Hewlett-Packard Austria – Country HQ

M+A Brief - New Work Practices – New Site Fit Out

Vienna, Austria   

12,000 M2  / 1050 persons  /  Legacy Site Closures (2)



Business Expansion Brief – Master Space Plan - Site Refit

Geneva, Switzerland  

6,000 M2  / 300 workplaces   


Geneva Business Center

Program Brief - Conversion to Multi Tenant Building

Geneva, Switzerland  

12,000 M2 


Medtronic  EMEA HQ

Program Brief - Building Refit - Master Plan - Site Consolidation

Flexible Work Modes Implementation - Change Management

Morges, Switzerland  

8,000 M2  / 450 persons   


Mikron Automation

New Site Fit Out - Program Brief -  Activity Based Space Use Strategy – Master Plan

Agile Working, Hybrid Working Boudry, Switzerland  

3,800 M2  / 300 persons


Navlink e-Sourcing

Business Start Up – Program Brief - Site Fit Out Master Plan

Sophia-Antipolis, France 

2,000 M2



Business Start Up – Master Plan – Program Brief - New Site Fit Out

EPFL Quartier de l’Innovation Lausanne, Switzerland 

900 M2


Oracle Software – HQ Switzerland

Master Space Plan - Capacity Study - Flexible Work Brief

Baden, Switzerland  

250 workplaces


PwC Pricewaterhouse-Coopers

Space Use Strategies – Building Refit Master Plan

Flexible Workmodes Implementation

Geneva, Switzerland

12,000 M2  / 600 workplaces


Rohm + Haas EMEA HQ

New Building Fit Out Brief - "Decision Centre" - Master Space Plan

Morges, Switzerland

4000 M2  / 130 workplaces  


SITA World Wide Headquarters

Reorganisation / Expansion Brief – Space Standards - Master Space Plan

Geneva, Switzerland  

550 workplaces  



Reorganisation Brief - Space Use Strategies - Refit Programme - Master Space Plan

Geneva, Switzerland

5,000 M2 


Clark Elliott Pro-Active ® translated vision and strategic input into workplace transformations at:

Client comments

«I highly recommend the services of Mr. Clark Elliott - possibly one of the most experienced workplace strategists and architects in this corner of the world. We retained his services at our International HQ. The works he accomplished - modestly speaking - exceeded our expectations. Thanks to Clark’s approach - that goes far beyond incremental changes to the offices and furniture - our dull, rather dark maze of cubicles inside a quite modern building - became modern, full of light and colourful work spaces with loads of added value for the functionality of the space and the employees’ satisfaction...
We were very happy with the overall project management - from a research phase down to the creative and consistent employee communications (part of creating broad buy-in for the transformations and redesign).»

HR Director, International HQ.

«Consider the case of Clark Elliott... he worked with a sales force of 150 people who were demoralized from five years of downsizing and rightsizing. His challenge was to get the salespeople to buy into a radically new work arrangement ... in a mixed-use environment supporting the diverse activities of mobile and desk-based employees... arrangements that seemed revolutionary to conservative Swiss employees. The change succeeded - something that Clark Elliott attributes to the attention he gave to listening to the concerns and tapping the ideas of the sales people.»

Harvard Business School Press, Toxic Emotions at Work by Peter J. Frost, Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Faculty of Commerce - Universtiy of British Columbia

«I want to roll out flexible work modes now in each office across the country. With Flexible solutions we now work in more responsive ways, just like the reality of our customers.»

Country Manager - Swiss HQ - International Information Technology company

«Thank you to taking away my desk. You forced me to do what I knew should be done years ago to organize my way of working and my time planning.  With the many Flexible Work options I don’t just come to the office and wait for the phone to ring. I now plan my client meetings and get great results. In the past 3 months, I had dinner with my family more than in the past 3 years.»


Sales Consultant - International Information Technology company, Swiss Subsidiary

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