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CEOs, COOs and CFOs can take action to add value and improve results by treating the work environment as a business tool. Workplace transformations today are opportunities to liberate the untapped potential of Human Capital. 


Clark Elliott Pro-Active® is a systemic approach to accommodating all changes that impact the workplace. We deliver measurable results that contribute to the bottom line with programmes that support and engage people at all levels of the organisation. Can you afford to overlook how coherent work environments could better support your organisation's aims and accommodate today's Knowledge Workers?


Reorganisations, headcount growth, space-use alternatives, new fit-out options, modifications for M&A or major restructuring actions all benefit from Clark Elliott Pro-Active (R) workplace transformations. Let's work together to make sense of each situation and develop optimal solutions that are appropriate for your organisation and implement work environments that are business tools that liberate potential. 

Clark Elliott is a trusted adviser to CEO's and Senior Leadership at many of the world's most recognized organisations. Our core focus is Consulting and Advisory Services for developing appropriate workplace solutions that attract, support, inspire and engage Knowledge Workers. 

Known for an enthusiastic approach to reframing challenges, Clark Elliott's vast experience brings a unique Human perspective to each project. We translate the vision of Leadership into coherent and flexible work environments to engage and support Human Capital today to optimally contribute to the bottom line results tomorrow.

Real Estate Executives, Organizational Development Consultants and Architects also turn to Clark Elliott Pro-Active® Workplace Strategies to co-create people-sensitive programs that add value. We pro-actively integrate work environments, technology and processes to provide a total user experience for Knowledge Workers.  

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