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With thirty years experience in the field of the evolving workplace, Clark Elliott Pro-Active ® 
creates value for any organisation dedicated to
truly supporting Human Capital and effectively attaining objectives. 

Clark Elliott

Workplace Strategist


Social Psychology, University of Pennsylvania


Architecture Environmental Design, Parsons


We develop comprehensive solutions for organisations by delivering performant work environments adapted for today's work realities. Let's work together to reframe threats into opportunities to transform your organisation's work environments and liberate vast potential. 

Clark Elliott Pro-Active® uses a systematic approach to transform traditional workplaces into coherent work environments that deliver results.  

Results that bring value to the bottom line


+  Innovation from increased
     collaboration and teamwork 

+  Optimised space-use with

     outstanding ROI


+  Coherent solutions for Human
     Capital effectiveness


+  Flexible work environments  

     that accommodate change


+  Attract, engage and retain the
     right talent

our clients include:

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